Episode 89

From Sunlight to Empowerment with Carmen Lorenzana

This article captures the episode’s insights on Carmen Lorenzana's remarkable journey in Finland, intertwining her personal experiences, empowering work in menstrual education and fertility awareness, and the allure of Finland's mesmerising national parks. By delving into these topics, listeners/readers can gain valuable insights into life in Finland, appreciate women's empowerment, and be inspired to explore the country's awe-inspiring natural beauty.

In this insightful episode, join host Eva as she introduces Carmen Lorenzana, an expatriate from Mexico who found herself drawn to Finland's allure. Initially arriving in 2015 to accompany her partner, who was pursuing an MBA, Carmen's plans for a short stay were transformed by Finland's captivating charm. This article delves into Carmen's journey, highlighting her experiences, empowering work in menstrual education and fertility awareness, and even explores the allure of Finland's mesmerising national parks.

A Captivating Transformation: Life in Finland

Carmen's story begins with her surprising encounter with Finland's weather. Having taken sunny days for granted in Mexico, she soon discovered the immense impact of sunlight on people's lives in Finland. This episode explores the profound connection between Finns and nature, including a life hack shared by Eva: the use of Happy Lights to simulate daylight during the darker winter months. Carmen's experiences highlight the importance of openness to new experiences and embracing the opportunity for personal reinvention while living in Finland.

Empowering Women through Menstrual Education and Fertility Awareness

Initially pursuing a career in marketing and public relations, Carmen faced challenges finding suitable work that matched her skills and experiences. However, her journey led her to become a menstrual educator, coach, and certified fertility awareness teacher. Carmen's expertise lies in guiding women to understand their menstrual cycles, empowering them to live more fulfilled lives. This article emphasises the benefits of comprehending the menstrual cycle, as it is a fundamental aspect of human existence, with every person's birth being directly tied to it.

Navigating the Finnish Business Landscape

Throughout her business development, Carmen received invaluable support from various integration and entrepreneurship services, including Business Helsinki. These resources aided her in understanding critical aspects such as the tax system, pensions, and invoicing. Carmen's story exemplifies the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Finland, particularly among women seeking to make a positive impact through their businesses.

Unveiling the Phases of the Menstrual Cycle: Insights and Seasons

Carmen expertly guides listeners through the four phases of the menstrual cycle, drawing parallels with the seasons. The episodes of the cycle - menstrual, pre-ovulatory, ovulatory, and pre-menstrual - affect physical, mental, and emotional behaviours. Understanding these phases empowers individuals to recognize patterns, monitor hormone levels, and manage their overall well-being effectively.

Fertility Awareness and Life's Transitions

Beyond menstrual education, Carmen is a certified Fertility Awareness teacher, emphasising the importance of comprehending fertility stages throughout life. This inclusive approach aims to improve perceptions surrounding fertility cycles and various life stages experienced by individuals. The article touches upon peri-menopausal and menopausal changes, providing valuable insights for women navigating these transitions.

Explore the Beauty of Finland: National Parks and Travel Tips

To conclude on a lighter note, Eva and Carmen share travel tips for visiting Finland, particularly emphasising the enchanting national parks. With over 40 unique parks to explore, Finland's natural landscapes offer breathtaking experiences. The article suggests camping as an immersive way to appreciate Finland's national parks, but also highlights the importance of familiarising oneself with each park's specific rules, facilities, and potential weather conditions. Additionally, readers are advised to be prepared for mosquitoes while respecting the environment by leaving no trace behind.

For more information, visit Carmen's website.

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