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  • About Us

    🎙️ About the podcast

    This podcast is a space for the international community in Finland to share their unique stories of what brought them to this beautiful country and how they are "mastering" the Finnish way of life. We are here to provide practical tips, learning opportunities, and a sense of belonging to our listeners.

    The podcast was founded in autumn 2019 by Petra and Jean, who met in 2017 while studying a Master's degree at the University of Jyväskylä. Jean decided to step away from the podcast in June 2021 as Petra continues with this project.

  • ️️🙋‍♀️About the team

    Petra is a Czech who has been living in Finland for 6 years. She is the founder and co-host of the podcast. Petra is responsible for managing this project and its community, marketing, recording and producing the episodes, and developing the podcast.

    Eva is a Slovak who has lived in Finland for more than 12 years. Her role is to support and develop new marketing strategies, and she provides Petra with support in making important decisions about the podcast.

    Liliana is from the US, and she will start her Finnish journey in the academic year 2021/22. Liliana has been in charge of creating the summaries for the weekly episodes and proofreading.

    Matt is a US-born and the newest member of the MF team. As a new co-host, he is responsible for his own episodes' recording and production. Matt also shares weekly stories on our Instagram called "learn Finnish with me".

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