Episode 80

Asking For and Giving Help is Easy with Karoliina Kauhanen

Meet Karoliina Kauhanen with whom we discuss why people need help and why it is often so difficult to ask for it. As internationals, we don’t have a network we can rely on, even in some simple tasks such as moving the furniture.

Some people wouldn't mind giving a hand but they don’t know where to start. Karoliina has a solution to this problem.

Commu is a free app that makes asking for help and giving help as easy as possible! Download it and join the crowd of 15000 people helping each other.

Listen to the episode to learn more why giving help is stigmatised (and why it’s ruining our lives). You’ll also learn more about the story behind the Commu app and what their team has achieved by now. And why Haloo Helsinki! is in the game as well.