Episode 77

Helping Others Integrate in Finland with Hasan Sohail

In Episode 77, Matt Bowen gets to meet Hasan Sohail, the man behind the travelwithhasan YouTube channel! In his YouTube videos, Hasan shares his experiences of integrating into Finnish life and making the most out of living in Finland.

Moving to Finland and finding your place here

Originally, Hasan comes from Pakistan. Having qualified and worked as a pharmacist in his home country, he moved to Finland in 2014 to further his studies and be closer to people he already knew. Hasan’s Finnish acquaintances warned him that Finnish winters were a little bit longer and a little bit colder – something that would often put internationals off from moving here. But not Hasan!

After describing a fairly smooth move from Pakistan to Finland, Hasan admits feeling isolated, lonely, and homesick for the first few months. But it was his roommate who helped Hasan begin integrating and immersing himself into Finnish culture. Soon after, Hasan began to find his feet and joined many different associations and groups. There, he actively met new people, integrated with the communities, and made sure that his voice was heard. Not so long after, Finland felt like home.

Own it!: Hasan’s approach to Mastering Finland

Right now Hasan is well connected with Pakistani, Finns, and international communities living in Finland. Hasan’s own ‘Mastering Finland’ strategy is not just to integrate or master it but to own it!

Hasan demonstrates this sense of how to ‘own it’ with his YouTube channel travelwithhasan. There, he shares not just tips for travelling in Finland but also hobbies, integration tips, and practical advice. It is by no means a traditional travel channel. By sharing his experience of living in Finland, Hasan makes it easier for viewers to find their own ‘Mastering Finland’ process.

What’s more in Episode 77

Integration in Finland does not happen overnight. However, your life in Finland begins the moment you arrive here. Hasan shares his experiences of the delights and difficulties that foreigners in Finland may face, such as the weather, winter sports, language, and work-life balance.

You can connect with Hasan through his YouTube channel and follow his Facebook page or Instagram.