Episode 70

Summary of 2021 by Jean & Petra

2021 is almost over and the Mastering Finland Podcast is coming this week with its’ final episode of this year with Jean, the co-founder of the podcast, who joins Petra in this Christmas special episode.

Jean and Petra talk about their lives, how it has been for both of them during this year, about the current weather in Finland and the holidays' preparations. And speaking of how it has been during this year, we need to share that this year has been a very creative one for the Mastering Finland Podcast. We are very pleased to announce at this point that Petra will hold a speech at the University of Oulu about the Podcast and the experiences and knowledge gathered through it. The target audience will be internationals studying in Finland, as well as Finnish students. In addition to this milestone for the Podcast, a collaboration between the Mastering Finland Podcast and the International Working Women Of Finland is going to begin as of February next year.

As the main topic of this time of the year is the Christmas holidays, Petra and Jean discuss the Pikkujoulu celebration this year, which is a Finnish traditional party held to anticipate Christmas, how both of them spent it, what kind of dishes and delicacies they had and of course their vacation plans.

Time flies, this is a fact, and most of us haven’t realized yet that 2021 is almost gone. Another year has passed, which makes Jean and Petra reminisce the time when they started the Podcast two years ago. Within these two years, the Mastering Finland Podcast has recorded 70 episodes (it sounds quite a lot, right?!) of which 37 were published in 2021. 55 guests overall have joined the episodes to talk with us (and we are so grateful about it, thank you all so much!) and almost 30 000 clicks on the “Listen” button have been reached!

We thank you all for showing your support to us also during this year and we are wishing you happy holidays, happy new year (if you celebrate), peace, good health, prosperity and joy! See you in 2022!