Episode 58

Jean's Last Episode aka Goodbye Jean

This week, this podcast publishes big changes in its core. Jean, the co-founder and co-host of this podcast has decided to leave and move on from this project. It was a pleasure to found this podcast with her and the whole Mastering Finland team wishes her all the best in her future.

But don't worry, this episode is not as melancholic as you think. We talked about the podcast and what does it take to run one, about our personal lives and changes in the past year, and also about culture, multiculturalism in a relationship, Finnish bureaucracy, and more. Jean also decided to share with you, dear listeners, an insane part of her identity that she recently got to know about.

This episode is full of laughter, positive atmosphere, and personal stories and views. Come and join us for the last episode with both Jean and Petra and have fun!