Episode 38

Valentine's Day in Finland

This week, Jean and Petra sit down for a casual chat about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Finland. While other countries might focus celebrations on romantic relationships, Finnish “Friendship Day” is all about letting your friends know how much you love and appreciate them.

Depending on which country you are listening in, you may have an entirely different perception of the holiday. Growing up in the states, Jean knew Valentine’s Day as a major “Hallmark” holiday celebrated mostly by romantic partners. On the other hand, you will not find Valentine’s Day on most calendars sold in the Czech Republic.

Valentine’s Day, or Ystävänpäivä in Finnish, first began to be celebrated in Finland in the 1980s, and was officially recognized in the country a few years later. In Finland, it is common to receive cards not only from sweethearts, but also from friends! However, there is a trend towards more romantic celebration in the last few years. 

Because of the coronavirus restrictions, our options for celebrating this year are limited. Because we could not meet up to celebrate, we decided to reflect on our four-year friendship.

Join us as we look back fondly on memories from our time in university in this episode.

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