Episode 33

How to Stay Sane while Looking for a Job in Finland?

Dani came from Vietnam to finish her bachelor’s degree in international marketing; since graduating, she has been looking for a job. Unfortunately, the job-hunting process has not gone as smoothly as she would have liked. From July to November, Dani was unable to find a job.

When her job hunt was not immediately successful, Dani put a lot of pressure on herself. She took the rejections to heart, and it negatively affected her mental health. After five months of unsuccessful job hunting, Dani was doubting herself. She had placed her self-worth on the amount of successful applications she submitted.

During this time, Dani did not have access to mental health services. She did not have the money to spare on private counselling, and she was unable to receive public services.

On top of the mental health challenges that came with being unable to find employment, Dani soon realized that the Coronavirus pandemic was also damaging to her mental health. She was at home most of the time, and was unable to meet her friends or spend time outside.

Despite the challenges of coping with mental health struggles during a global pandemic, Dani did have a spot of light in her life. Her sister, who also lives in Finland, was a great support to her. WIth her help, Dani was able to get focus and composure. She was no longer silent about her problems, and has become very self-aware. She emphasized how grateful she is to her family and friends for their support.

With her newfound strength, Dani returned to the job search with more understanding of the market. Her work is paying off, and she is no longer being rejected as quickly.

When asked what advice she would give to others searching for employment in Finland, Dani emphasized the importance of seeking internship opportunities and building connections. She also advised building a strong LinkedIn presence, researching companies in which you are interested, and going the extra mile.

When you are a foreigner, she explains, you need to compete harder than a native Finnish person. Searching for a job is not an easy task, but it gets easier if you can get organized. Stay calm, reach out for support, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.