Episode 30

Occupational Mental Health Services in Finland with Mervi Lamminen

For this week’s episode, Petra sat down to talk with Auntie Solutions CEO. She has been interested in psychology for a long time, and her interest in understanding why some people are more vulnerable to mental health challenges led her to start her company.

Mervi’s company focuses on mental health wellbeing, and offers service packages to employees of companies who solicit Auntie Solutions’ services. Their services come in packages targeting specific issues such as: “Stressed Out,” “Overachiever,” and “Loveboat Sinking.”

Mervi’s company is founded on the belief that It is in the best interests of each employer to help its employees improve their mental health. This belief is based in the understanding that if an employee is suffering from poor mental health, he or she will not be productive. Her founding strategy seems to have paid off— many well-known companies contract with Auntie, including the City of Helsinki!

Even before the coronavirus pandemic forced many to begin teleworking, Auntie Solutions has offered its services online only. Her services are quick and accessible— it takes only ten minutes to get connected to individual services.

Auntie Solutions also tries to improve accessibility by offering her services in 12 languages. She understands that help should be provided in a person's native language in order to be effective. She points out that suffering is universal, and that people should have access to support regardless of their linguistic abilities or backgrounds.

In addition to language barriers, other obstacles also get in the way of getting everyone mental health help. Chief of them, in Mervi’s opinion, is the stigma that surrounds talking about mental health. While most people readily accept that threats to your physical health should be taken seriously, many people do not understand that mental health challenges are equally legitimate.

Nevertheless, Mervi believes that mental health services are on the rise, as companies like hers work hard to combat negative stigma regarding seeking mental health assistance. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please visit the resources below for assistance.


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