Episode 19

All Things Finnish

In this episode Petra and Jean talk about all that represents Finland. They cover all important including inventions, design, art such as paintings, writings and compositions, and their creators.

Moomins are some of the most beloved characters from a series of children's books in Finland, illustrated by Tove Jansson. The Moomin cartoon series is also enjoyed as a timeless classic. A favorite pastime of Finns is to collect Moomin mugs. Moomin-themed parks, museums and cafes can be found in Finland.

Kalevala is a compilation of folk stories in poetry form compiled by Elias Lönnrot in the 19th century. Much of the classical Finnish music composed was based on these stories and there is even a jewelry store named after it.

Minna Canth was a writer and social activist that played a significant role in fighting for women's rights. A flag is raised on March 19th in honor of her.

Alvar Aalto is a Finnish architect and designer who boasts of a simple and functional style. Much of his work and architecture can be seen all around Finland.

Marimekko is a furnishings, textiles and fashion company. The style embraces bold and colorful designs and is popular globally.

Iittala - originally a company that created glasswork, now designs decorative objects, tableware and cookware. Iittala dishes and vases are another popular collectible items among the Finns.

Arabia - a popular company that designs ceramics and various kitchenware and tableware which can be found in any Finnish home.

The dish drying cabinet was designed and popularized by Maiju Gebhard, whose goal was to minimize the time a Finnish housewife spent doing the dishes. It is now a built-in cabinet in all Finnish kitchens.

Fazer - Finland's biggest chocolate company founded by Karl Fazer, that also owns bakeries and cafes. Fazer products can be found in many other countries as they are imported to other parts of the world.

Coffee - Finnish people consume the most coffee in the world per capita, with 10 kg consumption per person yearly. Finland is also home to Rens, a company that values sustainability and makes sneakers out of coffee!

Nokia is well-known for its indestructibility and snake game! It was also the first manufacturer to include a full keyboard in a mobile phone for text messaging.

Angry Birds is a video game developed in 2009 by Rovio Entertainment. Angry Birds Land can be found in the Särkänniemi amusement park in Tampere.

Safety reflectors were invented by a Finnish farmer by the name of Arvi Lehti. Pedestrians and bikers are required by law to wear safety reflectors when traveling in dark conditions in Finland. One wearing a reflector can be seen more than three times the distance than without a reflector.

Sauna - The oldest Finnish saunas date back to 10,000 years ago and originally, they were earth pits covered in animal skins. Finland has two million saunas and is recreationally enjoyed on a regular basis. Saunas are also known for its health benefits like muscle relaxation and restoration.