Special Episode

Q&A Session with International Student Ambassadors of Finland

A panel of international student ambassadors answer your questions regarding studies in Finland!

This is packed with information and lots of great insights. Don't miss you!
A big thank you to our student ambassadors from:
➡️University of Helsinki
➡️University of Turku
➡️University of Jyväskylä.

This session was also recorded as a video and you can watch it here!

Please see timestamps of the different topics discussed:

⭐03:35 Application process;

⭐21:48 Financial Support During Studies;

⭐36:22 University Life/Studies;

⭐52:04 Matter Related to Outside of Uni;

⭐57:01 Social Life;

⭐01:10:31 COVID Update;

⭐01:14:07 Best Thing About Each University;

⭐01:14:14 University of Jyväskylä;

⭐01:15:49, 01:16:42, 01:18:09 University of Helsinki;

⭐01:17:26 University of Turku;

⭐01:19:06 Advice/Tips for international students.





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