Episode 9

COVID-19 in Finland

This week, Jean and Petra recorded their first episode during quarantine! Despite the difficulty of being stuck in the house, both were glad to have some time to stay home and relax.

With Finland's welfare and benefit system overwhelmed by new claims, many are wondering how people will survive while KELA catches up. Many, including Jean, have been sent home from work. On top of the uncertainty of joblessness, many in Finland are struggling to keep up with rapidly changing laws and safety guidelines.

Some in Finland refuse to follow safety precautions; for example, not many in the country's capital region are wearing face masks. Others, like Jean, are frantically sanitizing every visible surface and stocking up on essentials.

Much remains up in the air: where do essential workers go for childcare if their child's school is closed? How long might restrictions last? How will the written permission requirement for commuters be enforced? Amidst all of the confusion, one thing seems clear: everyone should do their best to keep those around them safe.

We turned to others to hear about different experiences of the COV IO-19 pandemic. We are grateful to everyone who contributed a story, and we hope you will enjoy listening to them in our latest episode. The experiences shared differed greatly- from coping with maternity during a pandemic to worrying about joblessness.

However, Most of the stories we heard shared two messages in common. First, that we are all facing anxiety in the face of uncertainty. Second, that we all have the capacity to respond creatively to this crisis, to be present for one another, and to take advantage of the time we now have to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

Many thanks to those who submitted an audio/text message and allowed us to share it in this episode!

Stay up to date with accurate information on COVID-19 at WHO | World Health Organization.