Episode 3

Things to Get Done Before Entering the Promised (Fin)Land

Finland is a wonderful place to study, and we think you’ll love it here. We put together some resources to help get you started on your path to Finland. Keep reading to find out everything you’ll need to do before entering Finland, or hit ‘play’ on episode three.

For non-EU citizens, the application process is a bit more complicated than it is for EU citizens. If you are applying from outside of the EU, you will need to do the following:

  1. Obtain proof that you have been accepted to study at a Finnish university.
  2. Start your residence permit application. Detailed instructions for applying for a Finnish residency permit can be found here.
  3. Take your application to nearest Finnish embassy. You can find the Finnish embassy closest to you by clicking here.
  4. With your application, you will need to submit
    1. Your proof of study place, or your university acceptance letter.
    2. Proof of financial resources—you need to show that you can support yourself during your stay. You are required to provide bank statements proving that you will have 560 euros at your disposal each month.
    3. Proof of private insurance coverage. Jean recommends SwissCare, at 0.53 euros per day.
  5. And now, you wait! If you have submitted all the necessary documents, you’re most likely going to have a positive outcome. You will get a pink residency card mailed to you with your social security number on the back.
    1. You must enter the country with that card, and it is valid two years from the date of entry. If you will be in the country for longer than two years, you will need to renew your permit. You can find instructions for doing that here.
  6. After arriving, you need to register into the Finnish population system. You can find detailed instructions and information here.

EU citizens will have a much easier time entering Finland. You don’t need to apply for a residence permit, and you don’t need to prove your financial resources. However, you will need to do the following:

  1. Register your right of residence in Finland.
  2. Obtain a personal identity code by registering with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.
  3. Petra recommends the EU blue Health Insurance Card for travelling.

There is great affordable student housing available, but you certainly don’t want to leave off applying until the last minute! Housing can be limited (especially for studio apartments), so it is important to apply as soon as possible.

There are private housing options available, but they can be expensive and difficult for foreigners to access. If you’re coming as a student, try to stick to student housing options. There are great options at affordable prices!

You can apply as soon as you have your admissions decision, but you should expect to wait quite a while before receiving your housing decision. Once you have a place to stay, most universities have student volunteers, or “tutors,” to help you transition into your new home.

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