News Round-Up No.6


1 in 3 Women Experience Violence

We were glad to celebrate National Women’s Day this week, and we hope you took the time to acknowledge and appreciate the women in your life. In light of the international celebration, it is important to acknowledge the global challenges still faced by women around the world. The World Health Organization called attention to just how far we have to go in improving conditions for women globally in a recent report, which found that 1 in 3 women experience violence. Read an analysis of the report by Helsinki Times here, and click here for the full report.

Finland's Vaccination Rate is Rising

The country’s vaccination rate began rising in mid-February, as attitudes towards vaccination improved. Mia Kontio of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) attributes the increase in vaccination in part to Pfizer-Biontech increasing delivery volume in mid-February. Finland currently relies on vaccines from Pfizer, Biontech, and Astra Zeneca. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, not currently available outside of the U.S.,  is expected from the end of April. The company will initially supply vaccines primarily to the U.S. market.

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Oil Spill in Porvoo

An oil spill was detected around 3pm Saturday nearby a Neste Oil refinery in Porvoo in Kilpilahti harbour. The Eastern Uusimaa Rescue Service began collecting oil from the harbour on Sunday. The process is expected to take several days because the oil was attached to ice floes, which must be mechanically removed from the water. However, officials believe the oil spill to be limited to the area around an oil tanker docked in the port.

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Finland's New Baby Box Is Out!

The newborn kit provided by Kela to the has been revealed! This kit is a long lasting "tradition" that has been part of lives of Finnish citizens for more than 80 years. Check the renewed content here.

Researchers Develop AI That Can Generate 'Attractive' Faces Based on Personal Preference

Researchers at the University of Helsinki and the University of Copenhagen have successfully developed AI capable of understanding our subjective preferences in terms of what makes faces attractive. The device is able to generate portraits found personally attractive to individuals. The results have implications in modelling preferences and decision-making, as well as potential for use in unconscious bias identification and training.

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Koronavilkku Users Can Now Apply for COVID Testing Based on Exposure Notifications

On March 4, THL launched an updated version of its coronavirus tracking software Koronavilkku. While users were previously eligible for coronavirus testing after being exposed to the virus and developing symptoms, the software now recommends testing for any user determined to have been exposed to coronavirus. Click the link below for details and instructions for updating your app.

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Transport Operators Adopt Mask Requirements in Many Finnish Cities

After Finnish railway operator announcing the mandatory face masks, a number of cities including Helsinki, Turku, and Tampere have joint the rules. People over 12 years are required to wear face masks in all public transport vehicles, the only exceptions are due to a health reasoning.

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